Benefits of Open Source Inventory Management System

Inventory Management is intended to scale from few operations to multiple, complex, and interrelated transactions. In this Blog, you go along with inventory management module features. Inventory acts as one of the important business element in supply chain. As a lot of numerous activities go into inventory management, efficient software for inventory management is of utmost crucial and significant for streamlining every action. It helps businesses manage their product or asset inventory without many hurdles. 

Open source inventory system provides you with a highly flexible robust and freely downloadable software for managing the inventory processes like tracking every inventory level, facilitating maximum sales and orders, initiating timely deliveries and much more to the list. Inventory Management software thus facilitates a multi-tasking platform that not only manages the inventory but also caters to the functionalities within the manufacturing department.     

Material Management – Purchasing Flow

SAP ERP is by far the most famous and widely known packaged application from this Germany based company which has various products enabling organizations across industries implement their day to day operations, manage partners and their relationships. It comes with individual components meant to handle different processes in running the business. SAP ERP helps manage business processes including Operations, Financials, Human Capital Management, and Corporate services. 

Systematically, SAP ERP comprises of a number of modules which include the following:

  •  Financial Accounting and Controlling (FICO)
  •  Asset Accounting (AA) 
  • Sales & Distribution (SD)
  •  Material Management (MM) 
  • Production Planning (PP)
  •  Quality Management (QM) 
  • Project Systems (PS) 
  • Plant Maintenance (PM)
  •  Human Capital Management (HCM). 

S/4HANA using AWS and new DBS services

There are seven regions (Montreal, Virginia, Sao Paulo, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Singapore, and Sydney as recent additions) in AWS that support SAP Cloud Platform services. Customers that are willing to try and test their environment in S/4HANA have recent and good news! SAP ans AWS just announced a new offering called S/4HANA Move Xperience, which in words of Bas Kamphius, GM of Strategic ISVs at Amazon Web Services; “A comprehensive offering allowing customers to transform and test their legacy ERP systems on SAP S/4HANA. The offering leverages automation, a prescriptive set of tools and architectures, and packaged partner offerings to migrate and convert in a matter of days. Customers can start with their existing SAP ERP system or choose a fresh but accelerated start by leveraging the SAP Model Company industry templates. The test environments will be made available to customers free of charge on SAP-certified, production-ready AWS environments. The S/4HANA Move Xperience offering enables customers to validate their business case and to assess the effort involved in transforming to S/4HANA”.

Is Your Organization Ready for Next Wave of Data Fueled Growth

Organizations need to harness the power of data to usher in the next stage of growth in the experience economy. Market leaders are moving to digital business to capture emerging opportunities in real time. These intelligent enterprises use their data assets effectively to achieve the desired outcomes faster – and with less risk. To regulate the lifeblood of a new digital landscape, organizations need a rigorous system of data management processes for seamless integration and quality control. This means providing business users with the right information at the right time within the appropriate context. It is also of utmost importance that business users can trust the information. Data governance plays a key role in ensuring that data sprawl is minimized and data quality is maintained. This subsequently enables operationalizing the use of data in everyday business processes, driving the efficiency of the entire organization.

SAP HANA Innovation in Customer Service and Inventory Management.

 I want to share a few entries from our recent SAP HANA Innovation Awards that showcased how companies are enhancing their customer’s experience by transforming existing businesses processes and IT landscapes. It’ll give you an understanding on how they’re applied to resolve industry challenges faced by enterprises today while embarking on new business models enabled by in-memory capabilities of SAP HANA Digital Engagement to Improve Customer Care For utilities and telecommunication enterprises, traditional methods of metering and billing usually happen afterwards. Customers themselves usually have no way to track and monitor usage in real-time, which sometimes lead to overconsumption and overages. Naturally, this will lead to a dissatisfied customer. Additionally, customers could not also effectively communicate with these companies as call centers do at times get overwhelmed from volume. As such, some of the goals of these companies is to reduce workload placed on call centers, which can be done by providing customers with more self-service capabilities to pay their bills online, monitor their own usage, and interact with them. a utilities company based in Virginia, deployed Smart Utility System’s (SUS) Smart Customer Mobile (SCM®) built on the SAP Cloud platform and SAP HANA, to engage its customers with self-service capabilities and real-time two way communication on their mobile devices and the web. Based on data collected from these digitalized interactions, Fairfax was able to attain a 360 degree view of the customer, allowing it to achieve operational excellence in customer care by digitizing its manual and paper-based customer transactions. As such, call volumes were reduced by 64%, while resolution times have been quickly reduced through digital mobile self-service. This led to an 82% improvement in customer communication and satisfaction, as well as 72% in OPEX savings. 

Push the Limits: Bitrix24 Release Presentation

 Dear Bitrix24 users, The economic situation we are all in is highly unpredictable and there’s no telling what will happen next. There is, however, a winning strategy that goes by the name of “survival of the fittest.” Following that strategy, we’ve been working hard for the past 6 months to develop an all-new, improved, and updated version of Bitrix24 loaded with tools and features that will ensure the survival of your business under any circumstances. Join our online presentation on October, 23 to learn how your business can benefit from using the new Bitrix24 in such important areas as: Sales New clients are getting increasingly hard to find while the old ones are not willing to spend as much money as they used to. We have come up with a bunch of fresh, original sales-increasing solutions that will keep your clients engaged and satisfied at all times. Management Disrupted workflows and lack of proper communication have been plaguing many companies since the onset of the pandemic. Being one of the leading developers of remote work tools in the world, we know exactly how to counter it. We will show you how efficient and easy remote work can be with Bitrix24. Marketing When a crisis hits, cost control becomes a very important factor. With our new marketing tools, you will be able to increase your ROI and have every ad dollar accounted for. And this is just a tiny bit of the new Bitrix24 updates we have prepared for you

Bitrix24 Integration with Skrill

Dear Bitrix24 users, We are glad to inform you that Bitrix24 now integrates with Skrill. This means you may now accept payments from customers via the Skrill payment system. With Bitrix24 Skrill integration you can send and receive money, store cards, link bank accounts and pay conveniently any time and anywhere with your email address and password. Here is how it works. After creating an invoice in your Bitrix24 CRM, there is an option to send the invoice link to your customer, who is then able to pay the invoice by clicking the "Pay by Skrill" button. The invoice status in Bitrix24 will automatically change after the payment is confirmed.

Bitrix24 silver Partner

We are Bitrix24 Silver partner and provide implementation, customization, API development, training and support services for Bitrix24 cloud and on-prem products

Over a period of 7 months, we have developed a team of Bitrix24 professionals who have capabilities and skills of most of the modules of Bitrix24. We are specialized in configuring and implementing CRM, Sites, Marketing, Telephony, Chat, Drive, Calendar, Projects, Task and Contact Center.

We have developed use cases for Telephony integration with Bitrix24 like lead generation, lead update, recording update.